As the series generates a following, I'll offer readers the chance to send in written "scenarios" they would like to see added to this page. Keep in mind that these scenarios should be cute. A little sensuality is permitted, but nothing X-rated will be accepted. Remember, while the natures expressed in these pages are mostly experienced in the privacy of one's home, that which goes on in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. Know what I mean? ;)

TrueStory Con Tour! 2015

Just an update. I sort of have a tour coming together. I've posted the dates on my main website, but for now, I'll show you the dates that are pretty much set.

I'm going on a Con tour! Gonna have a booth set up at as many of these that I'm going to. Some of them I wont, due to cost and deadlines, but in order to sell and promote my web comic, One-Sided? and my novelette, Hoodwinked, I'm getting out there where the fans are, and I'm gonna have a whole lot of fun!

The first place on my tour is Mobicon! Mobile, AL. May 22 - 24. (Check!)
The second place is the MS Comic Con, Jackson, MS. June 27 - 28. (Check!)
The third place is Magic City Comic Con, Birmingham, AL. July 24 - 26. I won't have a booth at this one, but I'm still going. (Can't do it)
The fourth one is Pensacola Para Con Comic Con. Pensacola, FL. August 8 - 9.  (Check!)

(Added)The fifth is Anime Getaway, Jackson, MS. September 12th. Want a booth there!
 The sixth is AWA, Atlanta, GA. September 24 - 27. Don't suspect I'll have a booth at this one due to cost and deadlines.
The seventh is CONtraflow, New Orleans, LA. October 2 - 4. Don't know if I'll have a booth there yet.
The eighth is Riverview Book Expo, Jackson, MS. November 14.

(Added) And finally, Geekonomicon, Biloxi, MS. December 11-13.

If anyone of you lives in these areas and are going to these con's, I hope to see you there! And, if you know about any other shows I might be able to attend along the way, let me know. Things can change.

P.S. Hopefully half way through the tour, I'll have my novella finished and will start selling copies at the con's! I'll definitely have it ready for the Riverview Book Expo.

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The title of this web comic is a question, because that's exactly what I hope people will do once they start reading it: Ask that question.
At first glance, the scenario can come off as the stereotypical "Guy gets the hot chick", and most people might write it off as such.
However, the title confronts the reader with the common misconception, and instead, presents the chance to explore what this web comic is about. 

The background story surrounding the two characters is that they are newlyweds. They could be living in a small house in some suburban area, going by the nature of their jobs which are revealed at different points of the series. Yet, what the comic focuses on isn't the outside world, but the small world between the couple. Those little moments. The cute moments and sometimes steamy moments. The parts of relationships most outsiders don't see but are a big portion of the health in this relationship.
That's exactly what this comic intends to do: promote health.